29 Sep

Hello again, blogosphere!

I have a few updates from the summer. Although I did not update this blog during the summer vacation from school, rest assured that I am back in the swing of classes, and new posts will follow soon!

In June, I was contacted by a employee, who requested permission that my post on ethical corporate ghost tweeting be reprinted on the Ragan blog. Here is the resulting post on

Additional thoughts on ghost tweeting

I encourage readers to look through the comments on the Ragan post; some of the commenters provide further insight into the ethics of ghost tweeting.

Over the summer I worked at a small telecommunications business. I had the opportunity to set up social media accounts (on Twitter and Facebook) for the company. When I set up the Twitter account, I had to explain to the company owner why full disclosure of tweets is necessary. I discussed with her the options, and recommended that her full name and title be included in the Twitter bio, since she planned to be the primary tweeter.

Although her full name and title would be ideal, she did not wish to include her last name or specific title. Therefore, I must concede that every situation is different.

Ultimately, she and I agreed it would be sufficient to include in the Twitter bio “tweets by Susan, owner.” This illustrates the difficulties some PR professionals must encounter in their work. There is a thin line between insisting on full disclosure from a boss and infringing on that boss’s authority.

I would like to revisit this issue in a future blog post.

Do my readers have any additional thoughts on ghost tweeting?

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